Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Froggers and Peanut

Wassup! Just hanging out...he likes his own space at times.
See, Grandma? Mommy does dress me in cute clothes!!
Melia gets a little messy with her cottage cheese. Yesterday was Dan's first day back at school. The kids and I had an alright day. Nothing too exciting.

I got this floor mat out for Troy and of course Melia was instantly "Mine!" But now she says Baby's Night. She thinks it is for sleeping. Anything used for sleeping is a night. So she wanted to hang out with him on the mat. He seemed to really like it until Melia got too pushy.

Melia was trying to show him all the different things hanging from it. I think Troy was just thinking "Watch her, Mommy!" It was cute to see them together like that. Today Melia had gymnastics and it was so fun. She had a blast.

Troy loves tummy time and has rolled over onto his back about 5 times now. He does a push up and then off he goes. He can hold his head up for quite a while and the little guy scoots himself. His little legs started kicking and he starts scooting across the floor. Oh his nickname is Froggers b/c his little legs always go up like little frog legs.

He is growing so much faster than Melia did weight wise. It doesn't really seem like it but he is fitting his clothes nice and snug. Melia had a rough night last night. I think she had a dream she lost her binky or something b/c she woke up crying for her binky even though she had it and it took awhile to calm her down plus she woke Troy up who let me know he wasn't happy about it. So I am pretty tired!!

My sweet boy!!! After he nurses he has his happy time where he coos and smiles at me. I LOVE it!!


Brian, Jeni, Nat, and Stephen said...

what a perfect little face he has! I love the after eating babies.. they are so happy and sweet!
Melia might have been having night terrors... natalie has had one or two and they are scary. you cant wake them up and you think they ARE awake but they are really sleeping, hence not being able to calm down. poor little girl!

Grandma Frisby said...

I don't know where to begin all the "oohs" and "ahs"! Melia has GROWN SO MUCH . . . really cute in the colorful "resort" clothes she is accustomed to wearing! Ha Ha!

Troy is SO HANDSOME . . . blond hair and blue eyes, and really filling out his clothes! Can't wait to see him in the "board" shorts you bought at the North Shore!

The two of them together . . . so precious and dear!! "Peanut" and "Froggers" - Love U2!!!

Nana said...

darling pictures Robyn!! Troy is absolutely perfect!! And Melia seems like she loves to "Help". You gotta love big sisters!!

Proud Momma said...

Ah the days when it's just you and your kids...you'll learn to love them! Just think of all the things Dan is missing out on! The kids look precious...time for a pic of you!

thepalmierifamily said...

I can't believe how strong Troy is! He must get it from both of you. Seeing the two together makes me excited to have another one.

Carol Ann Saldana (Zoe's mom) said...

Troy and Melia are so beautiful! They are going to cause much mischief together (wonder who the ring leader will be)?

Mike Karyn & Nash said...

what cute babies...can't wait to see you guys this time next Friday!!! Yea!!!

Wishing for the West Coast said...

Your kids are so darn cute and I can't believe Troy is already rolling over. Great job!