Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Cat Walk and Play time

Our cat Kai longs to be outside and is alwas meowing at the door or windows at the cats outisde so we decided to take him on a walk to see how he liked it. He loved it but Mailo was freaking out and started crying so loud when Kai was gone. It was pretty funny. But then when we opened the door later Kai runs outside and punks Dan out by running away from him in front of the outdoor cats to show off his toughness. After awhile Dan had to lure Kai in with some tuna. Melia has started to smile....not sure if it is really at us or just smiling but I am thinking soon she will smile b/c she see us! But she will get very happy and start to coo when I am playing with her. I love those times of the day.


J B & N Rawlins said...

She is SO cute.. i cant wait to meet her soon!

Nana said...

the bigger she gets I see more of Dan. I'm glad Kai came back. He's a stinker. Now he'll try to get out every time you open the door!!

The RC Miller Clan said...

you are so lucky! You have a cat AND a baby! hee hee I love that pic of her on April fools day posting. I wish I could hold her...She looks soooo cuddly! too cute