Thursday, April 05, 2007

Melia has a question

I know...I know I post pics everyday but that's okay b/c you all love it! Melia seems to be getting ready for good manners in school already b/c she likes to raise her hand all the time especially in her sleep. All of a sudden her arm will go up and stay there like she has a question. Sometimes, if we don't answer it right away, the arm will stay raised for quite awhile. If she is asleep the hand usually finds its way to her head where it will stay the remainder of her sleep. If she is awake she will just raise it and hold it there for a bit while we are trying to find the answer. Too cute!

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Mike Karyn & Nash said...

OMG...I have those same pics of Nash with his hand raised. What did we call it? Something like "Baby Power". She's getting big. Give her kisses from all of us.