Sunday, June 28, 2009

A few Maui shots..

Ok so I have a few minutes to blog. It has been a very busy week end. We are moving into the new house..right now. So anyway very busy but after tomorrow we won't have internet for about a week or so. These are the only pics I got in Maui.. read last blog...didn't think I had the camera but when Lynne gets home I will be getting those? I hope!
We took Troy down to the beach the last night we were there. He loves the beach and sand.

Eating some sand. Sis...this reminded me of the pic we have of Nash when he was in Hawaii at 7.5 mos eating sand!

Love those meaty legs!! Ok I have a lot to write about Maui...some funny stories but I really don't have time but I will say I had a blast. It was so awesome to see Natalie. She has been a best friend of mine for 15 years. She was the most beautiful bride...seriously gorgeous. I am so happy I was able to be there on her wedding day. So I am sure it will take a week or 2 to complete my Maui trip blog.

First taste..not so much.

Enjoy the next pics of the beautiful sunsent in Maui!! I just took a 5 hour break from blogging. Troy woke up then it was more moving! I am so tired...hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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Jeni said...

ah he is so cute! I know I say that everytime but really SO CUTE! I love maui!

Wishing for the West Coast said...

What a darling little man - both your kids will forever treasure living in such an amazing place.

thepalmierifamily said...

I can't keep any form of dirt (including sand) out of Aaron's mouth. This is just the beginning of fun for you. I LOVED the sunset pics.