Sunday, April 12, 2009

More weekend pics..

I loved these 2 pics of Melia so wanted to share the love. I always get posts out of order...I am always typing this at the start of them so next time I will assume you all know to keep scrolling down to see the rest of the pics. This was on the monorail...I just want to say that when Dan dressed her I thought it looked a little racy to have the front of a dress be see through like that but then I didnt think about it again. So this morning he puts on her dress again and says to me "This dress is weird. The other day there was no liner and now today there is!" Hmmm...maybe you put it on backwards? Nicely done, Dan.

Melia now has to eat in Troy's highchair. She climbs up and says "My food!" Whatever gets her to eat... This pics is a little blurry but I love her expression. So i just found out that the race I am training for might be made into a duathlon due to box jellyfish swarm that day. I guess they can tell by the lunar cycle when they will be here. A duathlon for those who arent sure is a run bike run instead swim bike run. I am not fond of these at all. But I am wondering why, if they go by the lunar cycle, they didn't make the race another day? Like the day before? Oh well. I will know 10 days before whether it is a tri or what. Just thought I would throw that in there
After i put Troy down the other day I couldn't find Melia. I finally go into my bathroom to find her in my sink brushing her teeth. I could hear the song on her Thomas toothbrush. She is obsessed with clean teeth. Anytime she sees me brushing she immediately gets hers. Usually everytime after she eats she brushes her teeth. Cute thing!
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Anonymous said...

Those are great pics and funny stories nice

Jeni said...

ok were you being sarcastic about the comments? cause seriously, I always comment. If not, I am just getting distracted when I finish reading!
and NICE liner on the dress. that is hilarious Robyn!The backwards way is super racey!

Jeni said...

ack, I just went back and looked and I totally have not commented in forever. My Bad!! but back on the TROYS NEW LOVE post. I have to say how ADORABLE he is. He is the cutest baby ever, well besides boots. But he is soooo cute!

Mike Karyn & Nash said...

Melia is darling..I love her hair in the toothbrushing picture. I loved talking to her on the phone last night. She needs to call us at least once a week. Nash had fun talking to 'my cousin'. Was that not the funniest conversation last night?? Nash and Melia trying to have a conversation on the phone..seriously I could listen all day. priceless

Grandma Frisby said...

Melia is still a "peanut" - being able to fit comfortably in the bathroom sink. This is a darling picture - her resolve to put the toothpaste on the brush is evident!
Remind you of anyone, Robyn?

Love her Easter dress - front or back!!! Funny story about the "modesty" panel!!!