Saturday, April 25, 2009

Can't keep up with blogging!

Ok wow...long time since posting and these pics are actually a few weeks old I think. Well since the last time I posted I turned 30 (yikes!) and Troy is now 5 months...crazy. I have pics of my birthday but I will post those tomorrow...I really will! My computer has been quite cranky lately so hasn't wanted to cooperate with me. Anyway last weekend or maybe the one before that? I came outside to find Melia helping Daddy clean his bike. She loves to work...loves it. I seriously think she would get a job doing hard labor if she could right now.

Making sure to get the spokes...

Ok i do want to say thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes and the new garden of flowers! I got so many flowers delivered it was awesome. But I will post that tomorrow...and sis the pic of my sweet purse is coming.

They look so alike except those eyes of Troy's. I wish he had gotten those from me.

Melia doing some computer work. Let's see...I am still not sure if my race is going on due to the jellyfish but I will know soon. I have about 4 hours to sign up for a half ironman on the Big Island May 30th. I was supposed to do that one last year but I was pregnant so I thought I would go for it this year. But we'll see...I still have 4 hours to decide before the cutoff.

I love this dress!! I had a bit of a scare a few weeks ago. As we all know I have naturally curly hair...very curly hair and I use a relaxer to kinda calm the curls a bit. So I was doing this in my bathroom while Melia was watching me and she even helped me wash my hair...sweet girl. So anyway Troy was asleep and she loves to make noise and wake him but she also loves my bathroom so I thought she would like to be in there which she did. The doorbell rings a few times after I am all done so I rush downstairs to get it. I had thrown all my stuff away in a big trashbag when I was done. Well I come up a few minutes later (I usually lock my bathroom door) and I walk into the bathroom and Melia has the relaxer all over her hair. She looks up and says "Just like Mommy's hair!" witha huge smile on her face. I FREAK out!! That stuff can burn your skin! I throw her in the shower and scrub it all out. I pour pretty much a whole bottle of conditioner on her hair. So I am freaking out b/c her hair is looking stick straight. Ok long story short b/c I am tired...I called a few people bawling my eyes out that Melia's hair was ruined and poor Dan thought her hair was all gone. Her hair is fine and it was the conditioner making it look so straight and weird. She still has her little bouncy curls and thickness. Anyway I wanted to write this down b/c I want to make this past year into a book to keep and I want Melia to read this someday and laugh!!

Random but isn't this cool? 3 roses around the big rose...pretty cool. Ok Troy is just about crawling now. He just needs to put it all together. He rolls around everywhere and he will bring his knees up to his chest put his face down then drag himself forward. He can actually get around pretty fast. He rocks back and forth on his hands and knees a lot too. he is in love with watching his sister run circles around him...literally. She is in love with being the center of his attention. I love watching him laugh at her. Well I am off...this long post exhausted me ha ha

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Grandma Frisby said...

Yea, finally! The pictures are so sweet . .. captured wonderful moments with funny stories! Well, I know you hear it everyday when Melia and Troy are meeting their "fans" - "what beautiful children!" Most moms hear "cute!" Sending lots of love!!

The RC Miller Clan said...

haha so funny about the hair relaxer story! Cute piccy's too! Lil Melia. Lil monkey!

Mike Karyn & Nash said...

Oh you poor thing. You were crying so much when you called me. Melia's hair looks fine. She's so funny and watches everything that you do. Great pics. Troy is starting to look more like you.
Where's the pics of your bday gift???

Carol Ann Saldana (Zoe's mom) said...

OMG! If Melia and Zoe played together they would be a dynamic duo! Zoe also gets in to everything and thinks she is "helping." I swear, if these two got together they would rule the world and everyone had better listen to them!

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