Thursday, February 25, 2010

My boys

This was during breakfast in bed. Troy must have smelled the pancakes because he woke up right after we went in her room. He doesn't like missing out on a good breakfast. Lunch or dinner for that matter. Although lately all he wants is a muscle milk shake. He is trying to build muscle. :) I love these pics and had to post some of my boys! By the way the necklace Dan is wearing was given to him by Melia. She got these "birthday necklaces" but she only needed 1 she said. We got to wear the others. Sweet! Aren't they handsome??? I am a lucky girl.
Troy's hair looks so straight in these pics but his hair actually has some volume and curl to it. Not like my kind of curl but big curls. It can get crazy!!! He is 15 months now. CRAZY!!
Speaking of crazy...Troy is crazy busy. Nonstop...all day. Well he takes breaks. At the beach yesterday we were all down by the water. Troy walks up to the beach towel and just lies down on his side then onto his back and just stares up for awhile. I was on a beach towel the other day and he came up and did the same..just next to me cuddling. I love that little boy. He comes up to me and gives me hugs and kisses randomly all the time. He was making some people laugh at the beach, too. He likes to put the top of his head into the sand and do a kind of head stand while looking underneath him. It's hilarious. He got annoyed with me the other day b/c I wouldn't let him run out in the middle of the street and he turned to me, squinted his eyes and pinched my leg. It made me laugh so hard!! I have been working on actually posting this for a few days and every time I sit down it is usually for the first time all day and I just get so super right now!
Posted by PicasaDan left for New Zealand today. He is going over to do IRONMAN with his dad. I am sad I can't be there when he crosses the finish line and we will for sure miss him but I know he will have fun and be in quite some pain. I am proud of all his hard work and commitment just to do something so huge..still bummed I can't go. :( Well this post was dedicated to my boys. I love you, Troy. I love you, Dan. You both exhaust me and bring me happiness. I have to clean up after both of you ;) but I enjoy the random hugs and kisses from you both. You both pout when you don't get my attention and I am smiling as I write this. Alright I am off to bed.


Tallie said...

what a handsome bunch of boys you have. Love that little blonde Troy and Good Luck to Dan in the Ironman. I want to go to new zealand...right now.

Jeni said...

Oh you are lucky!! I miss him and my dad too and i dont live with either one!
TROY I cant wait to kiss on you!

The RC Miller Clan said...

awe cute cute cute! dans hair sure is lookin long! troy is adorable!

Anonymous said...

That is a sweet blog, Thanks baby :) I cant wait to get home to you! I miss those kids too!
That was a fun morning/day. I wish I could stay home everyday and play with the kids at the beach, Well we will have to do it more at least :)