Saturday, September 27, 2008

Waialae Field Trip

I signed Melia and I up for Field Trip Friends which consists of 8 weeks of field trips! We go somewhere different every Friday and the first one was to Waialae. I had never been over there before and it was pretty cool. The group met at the beach park and it is run by this lady Cindy. She even had a professional photographer there! So we all met under the old shade tree and sang some Hawaiian songs and the kids could play with some shells and look at some books. At first Melia wanted nothing to do with this group and kept trying to pull me away but then she decided it might be fun.

Cindy gave all the kids buckets and shovels and told the kids to collect certain things found on the beach.

Melia was off towards the beach to start collecting her shells!

Pretty view I thought...
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Proud Momma said...

awesome view...but no view of you!!!
Take a close up of Melia's face, I can't see her to far away...cute dress I think? he he

thepalmierifamily said...

I'm jealous! It is beautiful, Melia is turning into such a girl. I can't remember if you're having a boy or girl. Which one?