Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Yea! Pictures!

Ok I always mess up the order of my posts but read the post below this one ok!! You will understand why I do not have the greatest pics of my mom's trip. These are just a few more random shots...this one of the zoo. Zoos can be kinda lame b/c all the animals are asleep. We seriously only saw 3 butts...a chimp's butt and 2 others I do not remember. Ha! Ha! Sorry no bum shots!
Melia had so much fun with her "Ga Ga"...that is Grandma. She was helping her deflate her bed the day she left. Oh my mom took me to a spot that she had taken me to when I was just a baby down in Waikiki! It was so cool to take Melia there. My mom used to come to this island a lot when Karyn and I were little so she recognized a lot of different things. It was really cool to hear stories about when she would come here. sad Ga Ga is gone. :( Thanks for the awesome trip Mom! I will post more pics of that trip once I get them. But dont forget to read on below and I will be posting more often know. I was being lazy plus I couldn't find my battery charger for my camera. As per requests I will post a belly shot sometime soon! I am 30 weeks and feel pretty great. I still run about 5 days a week, swim 2 to 3 and lift about 3 and do yoga twice. Oh and have an extremely busy day with Melia! But I do feel good but boys sure do carry lower than girls b/c man, he keeps me up at night with all the acrobatics! Melia was so much higher that it never bothered me at night but this little one feels like he is kicking my hip bones! Ouch! Well this is my little update for now...I have had many funny and interesting things happen I want to blog about so I think I will try to blog daily here for a little while!!
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Proud Momma said...

yay...I'm so glad you blogged! we miss hearing about your little adventures in Hawaii! can't wait to see the belly!

Grandma Frisby said...

Opps, have to send my pics . . . particularly the belly "bump" shots! :)
I had a wonderful time with U3!

Nana said...

Thank you for the new pictures!!! Love them! The house looks cute and even though the shots of Melia are either from the back or at a distance, I can sure tell her hair is getting thicker and longer. Can't wait to see you guys.

Dan Robyn and Melia said...

I love that pic of her on the couch.

Brian, Jeni, Nat, and Stephen said...

nice couches!! miss them already. the blues were good to us.. take good care of them!