Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving Morning

My mom came in for Melia's first Turkey Day and it was so much fun! We had a lot of fun in the kitchen mainly making fun of how lazy I am in it! My mom took a lot of good pics that I will have to get from her b/c I realize I didn't take that many! This was Melia yesterday morning just crawling around and then at breakfast. I love her little outfit so I had to put some pics of it up! Hope everyone had a great day!!

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Jeni, Brian & Natalie Rawlins said...

i love her bib!! cute!

Mike Karyn & Nash said...

I'm with the bib. Her outfit is too cute as well. I can't wait to take Melia shopping with me next week!! She's gonna be a Nordi's girl like her aunt!

The RC Miller Clan said...

The back of the high chair is cute. Is is cloth though? Hard to keep clean if so eh!? She a cutie pie!