Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I thought I should blog some pics before we leave for Cali this Sat as I won't be blogging for awhile. We head out Sat to Cali until Tuesday then we leave for Hawaii for 9 days then back to Cali where Melia and I will stay for 5 days to visit longer. I am excited to get out of this crazy heat. It has been over 100 degrees all week. We went to the State Park last week end so we could play in the river. Melia loved it and played for about 2 hours. She loves the water and dogs. She was chasing all the dogs around. I, of course, forgot my camera.
These are just pics of my little one getting into mischief. She loves to put Daddy's hats on him and then her own little head. She seems to proud to walk around with a huge hat on her head. Sily thing.
So I am thrilled to go back to Hawaii. I have a feeling it will be pretty tough to leave, though. I think Melia is going to love the beach. I can't wait to see her playing in the sand. Karyn, can you believe Nash was only 7 months when you first came to Hawaii?? Crazy. I think Dan is going to do great in this race. I have never seen him run so much...ever! And swim! He is actually training for this race! I will take plenty of pictures while we are there. There is just a certain feeling when you are in Hawaii that you don't feel anywhere else. Well Fiji you feel it. It's just an island thing, I guess. I miss it so much. Island way of life. Nice and slow, right? So Melia likes to fit into any compact small spot like this hamper. I think she watches Keesa too much and tries to fit into little places. She was having fun in this for awhile.
Then she took a nasty spill! Well I hope everyone is having a great week! I will try to post some more before we leave but we'll see. I am also going to try to pack the night before but we'll see on that, too!
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Jeni, Brian & Natalie said...

thanks for the update before you leave. You will have soo much fun and Melia will love the beach and water! I LOVE your tile by the way, it looks soooo good!

Proud Momma said...

Have fun! I totally wish I was going to Hawaii! I'm sad you guys can't come out with Dan but we'll plan something again for sure! Love ya

Nana said...

It was great talking to you today. Can't waitfor you to come to Canada! Love you all,

Mike Karyn & Nash said...

she's so cute and we miss her already. Nash asks for 'yaya' everyday..'my yaya'is what he says and when I tell him you are coming back he has the biggest smile. hope you are having fun