Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Peacocks and Breakdancers

Hmm..ok well I am not good at posting pics in the order I have in mind. Oh well. There are tons of pics on this post. ...yes these are Halloween cookies. Surprisingly enough I do know how to bake. Grandma sent Melia some wicked awesome sprinkles so what did we do with them..we sprinkled..
Melia and I had tons of fun making cookies. This girl doesn't really like sweets but man she loved these sprinkled cookies. Ok seriously-I want her hair.

Don't you love when they are just that tired..

Random order...Nana enjoying Troy. Nana came a few weeks ago for a week. She had a blast with the kiddos. I love Troy's face in this one.

Troy warmed right up to Granddad. I can't believe Troy is a year old in a few weeks..Thanksgiving Day actually.

A peacock is on here why? Well this will start you off on the zoo pics...these are running around everywhere at the zoo..they can be mean, too. You have been warned..

Melia obviously thought it would be more fun to be in with the animals..

Why would she not push her own stroller? It is like the dogs you see walking themselves...leash in this girl./

Work that sass!!

So sweet..

Getting annoyed are we?


She is definitely the funny little girl. She loves to make us laugh and she is quite good at being the little comedian. Karyn, remember when Grandma would call me a comedian? I thought it was some kind of monster and i would just nod and smile but really I was terrified. Sweet imagination! Wonder why I didnt just ask what it meant..

Love those pouty lips!

First thing she has anyone books to her. Loves her books. After i read her 4 or 5 books for her nap or bedtime she re reads them to herself. She has such a good memory that she really can read them back. I listen to her on the monitor. Oh so real quick funny story..we were at the park yesterday and this quite plump little boy, Hayden was there. We have met him before. He tells me he is 3 and his dad is 5. Of course. Well this boy really is wow dude you could play NFL! So anyway he starts what I think having a seizure on the ground..oh what? You are breakdancing? Of course. So we all look on and that beautiful sight. Then Melia is climbing on something and he tells her "Don't do that! Stop! You are going to hurt your weiner!!" He tells her this a few times..I tell him"Oh sweetie she doesn't have a weiner. Melia is a girl." He thinks about this and says Oh well does he have a weiner? (pointing to Troy) I tell him yes. Hayden then grabs himself and says "I have a weiner. it's right here. It is my pee pee." Hmm..thanks Hayden and I don't think we should be having this conversation anymore. ha ha are hilarious.


Grandma Frisby said...

Gosh,the Halloween cookies look yummy! To think, those sprinkles came from Pittsburgh. :)

Melia is a "natural" in front of the camera! Strike a pose,Melia! You take after Aunt Kiki and Uncle Mike!! Ha Ha

Grandma Frisby said...

Melia takes after mommy too . . . see the previous post! Not to worry,Robyn, your kiddos will NEVER see you any other way, but "ripped" and beautiful!!

thepalmierifamily said...

Wow Robyn. Those are some serious pictures on your blog below. We won't mention what I look like after 2 kids. Just don't get pregnant and ruin it in the next few months before your competition. :) By the way, I can't believe what a cute little girl Melia is!!! What a little sass.

Jeni said...

Hahaha that is funny. Little kids are so creative and funny.
Cute pics

Mike Karyn & Nash said...

I love the picture of Melia with icing all over her precious little face and the pic of her with her leg out-posing..priceless because she reminds me of ME! What if she's like me (fashion, clothes, makeup/hair, celebs) are in trouble.Nah! Just send her my way!! We'll have fun.

Tallie said...

wow, those cookies look...really...pretty. :O)
I love Melia's personality. So cute.

Tallie said...

OK, I take that back, I could totally eat one of those right now. And yes, its 947 in the morning. Then I look at your bikini you didnt eat one. :O)