Sunday, May 28, 2006

Pics from Farm and update

This week was a little bit more laid back for us. We have just been staying in bologna at the apartment. There wasn’t a race this weekend that we wanted to do. We needed a week of rest and recovery and also it is getting really hot here and we have been dehydrated every day.

So we have been watching the tour de France from last year every night. It took us about six days to get through all 21 stages on DVD. It is cool to watch because they are so good and some of those guys are just unbelievable on their bikes on the mountains. We especially liked watching Alexander Vinokuorov from T-Mobile. He was always attacking and his own team would always ruin him and chase him down. But he kept fighting and breaking away from them and eventually won some exciting stages. We can now understand them and their experiences a lot better now that we have been able to race in some races with similar climbs, and distances as them. We really wanted to go up and ride the entire tour de france route this year before they did, but alas now we see that we would need someone to follow us in a support car and we would need tons of supplies. So instead we will watch some of the stages live and then ride the course afterwards. Hopefully we could see at least two stages… mountain stages since they are the most exciting and difficult. Also the riders are going slower and we would be able to see them up close.

We have been eating salads for dinner every night this week. Usually we will have a big bowl of lettuce with toms, onion, pickles, sundried toms, cheese, cashews, hamburger meat, and vinegar and last night we added a special bonus of nachos and salsa and beans for a delish mexi salad. Robyn gave a high five during the meal cause it tasted so good.

The weather has been plus thirty Celsius all week and its too hot to have a lot of energy. But in the evenings we like to go out on a walk downtown and sit on the big fountain and make fun of people. Usually the Americans that are on their “romantic” holidays get the brunt of our jokes. We have been mistaken for Italians now on a few occasions despite our surf clothes and sandals. We are quick to make them feel dumb and embarrass them. Twice robyn has been asked direction by Americans in Italian.

This week I had to pick a booger out of Robyns nose cause she wouldn’t pick it herself, also she farted in mcdonalds last night while we were getting some cold ice cream cones. She ran out real fast before she got blamed for it.

We have a cherry tree downstairs outside of the door and I got four down today. They were good.

I broke my second wheel yesterday…spoke snapped… suck

The countryside is beautifull and the cotton is no longer blowing in the wind. The cherry trees are everywhere and the wheat is long and turning brown.

Our roommate Max was wearing a baby T shirt yesterday with three inches of bellybutton showing… he claims he isn’t gay, but we sometimes wonder by his apparel. For example spandex manpree’s.

Today we got out the back door of church and got to pet the two cats BJ and Mr Slave. The slave ran up a tree but BJ rubbed all over Robyn.

Metalica is coming to town in a month

We are excited to leave here for our next race down in Umbria. Should be fun

Well we are now signing off for the week and will go on our evening walk now.

Happy birthday is going out to Patty Frisby, Robyns mother in San Diego…!!!!

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Mike Karyn & Nash said...

cool picture. Happy Birthday to Mamma Frisby...or Grandma Frisby these days! Next year we should all celebrate in Hawaii