Monday, June 05, 2006

last week was cool

This weekend we went to San Giustino. anyways we got off the train and robyn realizes that all the food was left on the train in her backpack. We were all scared and hungry and sad. So we sat down and said a little prayer that we could somehow get it back. It was the weekend food and the race nutrition that I need to race. Well an hour later when the train came back through town the conductor from our train had gotten onto it and brought our bag with him and he jumped out and gave it too us. It was really nice of him. So then we fought through wind and rain and got to sansepolcro which is near san giustino in the region of Umbria. We hiked up to this valley to an old farm that was built in the 7th century and passed down through the years. Now it was owned by a Canadian and he had a bed and breakfast thing going. We stayed there and had our own bedroom, kitchen, bath, living room, dining room, swimming pool and hundreds of acres to roam around on. They even had on old chappel that is the oldest part of the farm. Up in the hill was where St. Francis would meditate and there was an old monestary in the woods that he lived in. I remember high school when my rival high school was St Francis. Well turns out he was an animal lover and he must have been pretty cool if he lived in this area because it was beautiful. We saw Deer Tracks and Three wild pigs in the woods too. So it was a rainy weekend but we had fun. The farm had about nine cats and one dog. We just wish that it had been hot for us to use the pool but oh well… there will be other pools to swim in.
The race was freezing and rainy. When I got to the top of the biggest climb there was snow on the ground and I was drenched at that point. Also blizzard winds didn’t feel too good either. It was a 3000 foot climb and it killed me. I had a police and motorcycle escort from the bottom of the mountain for the last 70 km to the finish line.
The Cats were awsome and the youngest little cute female was our favorite.
Also Dan is now getting plump on some new chocolate filled crousantes he found in the supermarket

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Mike Karyn & Nash said... are so funny with your cat obsession. Remember when that one cat of yours slapped me in the face. It hurt too! Your experience this past year has been priceless