Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Grandma and Melia

OK well first off there are a TON of pics here! Sorry but I do not know how to make a slideshow yet and I couldn't get the collage going so instead I posted a bunch of pics in no particular order. Sorry! Anyway I wrote about Grandma's trip out here and you can find that after all these pics but it was a blast. There are pics of Melia in the tub, eating, Little Gym, Gymboree, grocery shopping. Oh a few of Melia and her friend Sam at Gymboree. They are the only 2 that can crawl in their class and they are always side by side during most of the class. They are so cute! Enjoy the pics!!
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Jeni, Brian & Natalie Rawlins said...

Robyn you are looking hot momma!!
Melia is such alittle peanut!! ahah YOu guys found the best nickname for that cutie pie!! She is soo active!

Jeni, Brian & Natalie Rawlins said...

Oh and what is music class??

Mike Karyn & Nash said... class is great. Nash goes to music too and he loves it. they can play with instruments (Nash likes the drums).
Peanut is too cute Robyn. I'm so proud of her.

dan robyn & melia said...

Melia loves the drums and for the first time got all fussy when it was taken away from her. So funny!

Miller Time said...

Wow that is the busiest 8month old I have ever met. She does more than all of my kids put together. Maybe one day we will have money to do all that fun stuff too! But for know it is just soccer.

Miller Time said...

Oh I also wanted to say how cute Melia looks, she is getting so big. Well big as in tall, she is the smallest little thing. Can't wait to meet her in a few weeks.