Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Monkey business

My little Monkey-wait that isn't Troy! Melia wanted to play dress up the other day and I had been telling her Troy's monkey costume wouldn't fit b/c it is for a baby and she is a big girl. Well Mommy isn't always right obviously b/c I think it fits perfect!
I am a little obsessed with those slender little legs of hers..lucky little girl.
So I may have told her that to be a monkey she must eat a banana...she had fun running around making monkey sounds
Side shot-beautiful tail. After a little bit she says "Ok this is too small. This is for a baby, Mommy. I am a big girl. I take it off." And that was that.
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Jeni said...

totally tones little legs! and what are you talkng about? she got those from you!
poor natalie, she has brians knock knees.

Jeni said...
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Tallie said...

#1 Your kitchen is so pretty
#2 Melia in troys monkey outfit is fantastic. Love her.

Lynne said...

Mellia Is so silly! Do you have your tree up? Please post pics!!