Friday, June 13, 2008

Keiki Ponds

This was our first day in Kona. The flight over was long but Melia did really well. We stayed at our firend's the Walters. They have a super nice house with a view of the ocean. So while Dan went on his ride Melia and I ventured down to the water. We went to the keiki (kid) ponds where the water is blocked off by rocks so no waves come in so it is nice and calm. The water so super warm even though it was a cloudy day. Melia had the best time.
She would roll around in the water just smiling and laughing. She LOVES the water!!
Watching the big ship go by...
I wouldn't mind living in that house!
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Proud Momma said...

cute cute cute bathing suit Mel!!! Was that the walter's house?

Nana said...

Looks like Melia loves her homeland. I think I do too!