Sunday, June 08, 2008

some pics from hawaii

Here is the depressed Keesa laying on her bed. Dont her eyes look glazed over?
Melia liked the corner of the closet under the stairs, here she is hiding from the camera.
I caught her!
She was having fun sitting on this pipe. Other than the flash from the camera, this was a dark closet under the stairs.
MMMM Kukui nuts are good!


The RC Miller Clan said...

so you're back?! Yeah, now you can start commenting on my blog again and blogging! She is looking so dang cute! How are you doing with your pregnancy? Actually, ARE you back? I noticed you posted at 12.29 am. Show us your tummy!

dan robyn & melia said...

Nice pics! No I am not back. Dan posted these. I will be back in a few days. I have a TON of pics to post. I will start commenting on your blog!

Jeni, Brian & Natalie said...

she is sooo cute!! I cant wait to see more!

thepalmierifamily said...

Nice tan Melia! I'm sure Robyn's tan is great too. Oh the nostalgia of visiting such a beautiful place. By the way, the kitchen looks really nice Dan.

dan robyn & melia said...

Thanks! I cant wait to paint the walls and put up the base. It will feel like a home, not a construction project when I am eating!