Sunday, June 29, 2008

Beaches and Scams

I haven't blogged in awhile...sorry about that to anyone who actually looks at it! Melia was out in the yard this morning transferring dirt from the pile to the top of the sprinkler. All work!! She is too funny. Things have been going well here. Most of you know we are moving back to Hawaii so we are trying to get ready for that. We are moving to Oahu this time. Dan applied to UH Manoa and we haven't heard back b/c they are waiting for one more transcript but he meets all the requirements to get in so we are assuming he will! I know he will! I am excited but I will miss it here...sometimes? No, I love our house and our neighborhood here. I really have enjoyed it. Dan and I wish we could take the house to Hawaii, too! It will be awesome to be back near the water. It is hard to be away from it. There are many people we live near the ocean but never go to it but I think just like the fact that they can go the beach if they wanted. If I live near the water I try to be in it a lot!
So speaking of houses...I have a funny story. I decided to try and find a house for us before we got to Oahu. SO I am looking on Craigslist and find this awesome house, right? I e mailed the owner and after almost a week I get a reply. It is a reverend serving a mission in West Africa who is trying to rent out his house. He and his wife are with some Catholic Missionaries Org. So I thought that was cool. I mean Dan served his mission in Africa...must be a sign, right? So after filling out an app and e mailing back and forth we finally ask how to put a deposit down. I am thinking they have an agent in Oahu I will be sending this to. Nope. I am supposed to send it to someone in Nigeria...someone with a totally different name than who I have been communicating with...and they are very adamant on making sure I give them all the correct info so they can cash their money order when it gets there. we look up their Catholic Org on line to make sure it is ligit. SCAM!!! That is what we find. They are Africans scamming us! They get you to send them money and you never hear from them again. Apparently this house for rent I found was actually for sale and it was all just a big scam. I was pretty upset. Dan wrote an e mail back to them and we never heard back from the good old Reverend. I can't believe it but then I starting to really think about things. Ok, why would you leave to Africa then try to rent out your house? Also I could never get an answer as to whether the house was furnished, how many bedrooms, and I couldn't find the ad on craigslist anymore. But I never thought I was being scammed. But then I looked on craislist and found a lot of people warning others that a doc in Nigeria was trying to "rent" their house which was for sale...I guess it is a big problem. So anyway...I am working with a realtor in Oahu who I can talk to and I think I found a really good house that is really there!!!
Nice bum!!! Melia is talking a lot more now. She says Mama, Dada, Daddy, Mom, My DeeDee (Binky), Nana, Na (Nash), Peas, Pepe (paper), Duddy for Sucky but also she will say Ducky, No, Hi, Mine, bye bye...I can't think of others but she seems to say new things everyday. I love walking into her room and hearing "Hi" or "Hi Mama" She loves to play they "Where's your hair" game and point out her toes, ears, mouth, etc. She is qutie the acrobat climbing and jumping all over the place. We have been taking her to the pool almost daily and she jumps in from the side now and just loves it. She will kick her legs and move her arms when she goes underwater. She is getting really comfortable in the water. She LOVES it!! I think she will be happy being back in Hawaii near the ocean.
So I have been feeling pretty well lately. I think I have the flu so I actually am not feeling well right now. But besides that I have been well. I am 18 weeks ..well in a few days. :) I have an ultrasound this Tuesday. It is a routine ultra to make sure all is well and hopefully to find out what the little one is! I will be sure to post if I find out. I get tired easily but am still running and swimming and all that. I feel like I could just eat all day long non stop. This little one makes me so hungry!! I feel like what Dan must feel like..poor guy always hungry. Ha ha He amazes me on how much he can out down at one sitting. And he always looks good!! AAAHH!! He is doing great. Excited to get back to school and get started on things. As many of you know he is going to apply to med schools. There is one in Hawaii..UH Manoa so hopefully we can just stay there. I know he will succeed at anything he puts his mind to so I am very proud of him for going back to school and committing to all this hard work! Well I think Melia is finally down for a nap. I don't hear her talking to herself anymore so I think I will try to rest, too. Hope everyone is having a good week end. Aloha!
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Nana said...

Nice post! And I can really see how Melia's hair is growing. Very cute pictures of her. I glad to see that you keep her busy working and doing chores. She will be a hard worker when she grows up.! You will have to find another cute Hawaiian name for this next one. Actually I have one if it is a girl! Can't wait to find out. Be sure and call/text us1

Jeni, Brian & Natalie said...

I love when they start talking so much! sooo fun! I wish Melia could teach nat the swimming tricks. nat is getting better but still does'nt LOVE the water. I make her.. I am a bad momma!
sorry you almost got scammed! haha.. ok it is kinda funny. not really though.
I am so excited for dan to go to school though - he will totally be awesome!

The RC Miller Clan said...

Hey, love that post! it was so full of good information. I too like the bum pic. My guess is that it's a boy.

Mike Karyn & Nash said...

love the bum shot...super cute.
Give her kisses for me