Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Bologna week five or six or whatever

So its a wednesday night and Robyn and I are hanging out in an internet cafe. the thing is that our computer busted down and we cant get on it and access the internet so here we are... that is our excuse for not adding any blogs lately.
This last week Robyn fell in love with someone new. this time its actually a woman... a metal woman named lady carrerra. she is a white a red carrerra bike. her old bike named nova-lee had a breakdown and couldnt perform anylonger so we went out to the bike store and found a cute little frame. now she cant part with it and loves to ride it everywhere. its about six pounds lighter than her old one.
I had my second race also. race number two was 150km long with some huge hills. however this time it was sunny and warm so i felt alot more comfortable out there. i raced as a pro because the pros get to start at the front of the group. it was easy to lie about because my licence is in english and they cant understand what it says. they asked me if i was a pro and i said... I am an elite... it worked... I finished this one in 7th place but 25 minutes behind the winner. i did alot better than race number one in pomerance last week.
tomorow we are going to train down to the island of elba to do race number three. it is 155km long. unfortunately i am already registered as an age grouper so i will have to push and shove to get to the front of this one.


The Haslam Clan said...

Hey guys, it's finally great to hear from you! Dan...awesome races!'re a machine!
Robyn, I can just see you sitting on the side of the road for the whole day, only to have 30 seconds of fame when Dan rides by...I can imagine you go crazy by that time! ha ha ha
When do you get to do some races? Awesome pictures guys...keep taking those! Love you and let me know if you got my email! Loves

Nana said...

Looks so beautiful. Is that snow? Hopefully it will be melted when we arrive!! Can't wait to see you guys.
Mom M2