Wednesday, March 08, 2006


England was brown flat and cold. we had to take our gear from the first airport and walk it about three blocks to the bus station where we bought tickets and some hot drink for Robyn. When we got on the bus we were two of five passengers. So we both took our own row in the back of the greyhound sized bus. There we left and headed out to the other airport on the far side of the city. It was about an hour long trip. Neither of us remember any of it because we were out cold. With the time difference it was like 2 in the morning for us still. Its like a 17 hour difference or something crazy like that. When we checked into our flight to Bologna we were told that we had about 60 kg too much weight. At 8 euros per kilo we were charged 500 USD approximately… and we were advised that “this is not mickey mouse money!” Dan was taken aback at his ignorance. He thought it was monopoly money!! and since we had like an extra 200 each from passing go we were ok. This is a picture of Robyn at starbucks in london airport.

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