Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Italy has been awesome. We live downtown Bologna in a four story apartment building. Its like seven stories tall though but since its so old they have knocked out some floors and stuff and not each story is like twice as tall as a normal one. We have our own bedroom and we share the little kitchen and living room with Max. Action Max he calls himself. He even has a website were you can look at him posing and flexing. He is a personal trainer. He is a very nice guy. Today he is in the hospital for 2nd and 3rd degree burns he got in the tanning bed. Terrible burns… I don’t think we will be going back into one of those things any time soon.
So far we have put in about 50 miles a day each. There is great long roads here with nobody on them. Large wineries, orchards, old churches…etc etc. very cool. I will let the pics do the talking. We are going to take much more and post them later. We only have a few so far. Its hard to ride with a camera on our back, but we have seen some awesome back drops. Today we bought a internet connection, and some groceries. Fresh parmigian cheese… so good and pasta five times a day… Dan rode his bike in the snow capped hills all week.
Good times everybody, good times.
Miss ya’ll
Talk to ya soon

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