Monday, March 13, 2006


Robyn is the newest high score bowler at the local bowlerama!
here is our stats...:

March 7
Dan 297
Robyn 197

March 13
Dan 285
Robyn 175

We had an awsome time tonight for FHE
Oh by the way Robyn got hit today by a car... she was riding down the street and a car sideswiped her into the curb and she flew and roled and ended up on the sidewalk. the car never stopped to see how she was but Dan rode after the guy and kicked the door of his range rover a few times till he drove away. we try to be carefull here but sometimes the trafic is terrible... hopefully we can make the move down to tuscany this next week where the cars are very rare, and the roads long and empty.

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The Haslam Clan said...

Holy crap! Are you okay R2? What a jerkoff!
Nice bowloff...we'll have to do that when you guys get back...I love bowling! Okay...I really need to go to bed...I'm the biggest night owl! what is the time difference between us?