Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Calgary was fun. We almost froze to death every time we stepped outside. Staying at Lynne and Steves house in Cochrane was awesome! They have a sweet house with an entire basement that we could move into and live in for a few years before anyone would know we were there. So we made an extra big mess in the weight room with our bikes and in the bedroom and hallway with our clothes, books, bags, and jackets. While there we got to go to the mall and get some new warm clothes, go to the grocery store and get some good food, movie theater for a great movie about the huskies called -8, and we also got to lay in a tanning bed for a half hour. Both Robyn and Dan Rode their bikes on Stephens indoor trainer each day and Dan even tried to shovel the front driveway in his sandals. Cochrane was nice and we really want to go back there and check it out soon, and hopefully when we can ride our bikes up into Bragg creek and Banff. One hard part of the trip was the indoor riding. We had logged about 500 miles combined during our 5 day stay in San Diego, so the trainer was pretty boring in comparison. All in all we were in America for just about as long as we could bare. Now we are out of there and on with the adventure.

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