Wednesday, March 08, 2006

london segment

It started with a little layover in Calgary. Yes that is rite. You ask yourselves "hey didnt you leave from Calgary" yes we did. and we waited in the airport for like 4 hours to find out our flight was delayed too long to catch our adjoining flight in vancouver. so they rescheduled us on a flight straight from calgary to london later that night. So we went to Chili's in the airport and ate another meal then rushed off to our new gate. we hustled around in the airport trying to get our bags re-tagged also. it was a huge pain in the butt. Well we got on the plane and realized that everything had to be explained in English and in French. This is ok on the side of a cereal box, but it was long and crappy on the plane. We fell asleep fast because the crappy movie sucked. (pride and prejudice). Don’t go and see it. It is pretty retarded. We made it To London though and awoke from our slumbers.

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