Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Baby Dan and Melia

Here are some baby pics of Dan. What does everyone think...see Melia in them? I will have to post some of me next. Also here are some more face shots of Melia. Can't wait to have Lynne here to get some cute pics of Peanut with her.


Mike Karyn & Nash said...

Gosh...I don't know who she looks like. You'll have to post some of your pics and then maybe I'll be able to tell. Hey..what stroller is she in?

J B & N Rawlins said...

B) I dont think she looks like dan.. well those pics kinda, but I am thinking more you! So far none of the MILLER grandkids look like Millers, they all look like our spouses!! ha!
C) Robyn, I think it is a guy thing... At first I thought Newby was faking sleeping through her cries and stuff, no no he really really is sleeping. I dont know how he does it. He would sleep through an entire cry session/feeding in bed!! ha
PS. have you learned to nurse lying down? when you master that... it is like heaven! I love it!!
D) what an angel! I love her!

Action Robyn and Master Dan said...

I think she looks more like me, too...well she looks way cuter I think. I thought Dan was fake sleeping too until I physically tried to wake him and he didnt move! I haven't done the nursing lying down thing yet. Try the pics again..I re-posted them. I coudn't see them either when I just got on but I could earlier.

J B & N Rawlins said...

ALRIGHT, i can totally see them now. I LOVE HER! She is so cute! and YOU look sooo good Robyn!! Looks like she is fitting into her clothes!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I definitely see Dan, comparing the baby pictures . . . however, Melia is changing with evey picture you post. PRECIOUS!!!

Miller Time said...

I still think she looks like you robyn, i am not seeing dan in her but maybe in person you can see it.