Thursday, March 15, 2007


I just finished the night holding Melia almost the entire night. She has had some awesome nights lately sleeping almost 8 hours straight, then last night she tricked us with a non-sleep night... She would eat sleep and then 5 minutes later be awake again... Robyn got a little break though, I let her sleep and I took Melia into her room and rocked her for almost the whole night. I loved watching her fall asleep, her head goes back, the binky falls out and she totally relaxes... then her feet start to kick, her arms start to move, and her eyes open... then she cries. I think she has a cute cry though and I couldnt help but just listen to her and let her cry a bit. We did sleep a little, but all in all I think she will have a very nappy day! I really dont mind though, i could stay up all night again tonight if I need to... Only I will have to go rent a new movie... I watched Amelie, last night and that will ferrel movie before that... I forget the name, but its the one where there is a lady narrating his life. his name is Harold Crick? anyways I loved it and thought it was hilarious.
I am off to work now... Will post a few more pics later though.


J B & N Rawlins said...

O ya those nights stink I know, but they end. I thought there was no end in sight... but Natalie has made it through and now it is 9-7/8 every night and i LOVE it!! I totally felt the same way with the crying, I loved to hear her cry - it is so sweet and inocent!
Well DAN, YOU are a very sweet husband!! I cant wait to see you as a daddy in action. SEE i knew you were perfect to be a dad, Natalie was just having a rough night and a rough few weeks while you say her at Christmas! I wanted to get your REALLY warmed up!!

Anonymous said...

How nice . . . the description of your sleepless night with your daughter! You'll be so attentive to her every cry . . . and smile! High "five" to Daddy!

Action Robyn and Master Dan said...

Thanks for all your help. It really helped me get to feeling a little back to normal...not a zombie! Love you so much!

The RC Miller Clan said...

Dan...what can I are too cool for being so active in Melia's life...Do you remember saying to me that you were not going to be doing anything but spanking the brats when you got home from work? Ha ha ha...what a joke...have you changed any diapers yet? My guess is ABSOLUTELY! Good on ya mate!